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The 8-track system of security conferences.


What exactly is Security CSides? Aren’t there already enough security conferences?

While there are many excellent conferences including Security BSides, we aim to create an outlet for those who just don’t fit elsewhere.

BSides was innovative in that they cater to people who don’t get accepted to speak at mainstream conferences like RSA.  That is great, but what happens to the people that BSides rejects???

Well, we decided to address this situation, and have created the all new Security CSides.

BSides chose their name  because the “B Side” of a 45 record was often better than the “A Side”.   Well, we have taken that concept a bit further with CSides (see below).

I understand  that Bsides was modeled after 45RPM records and Cassettes,  yet CSides adopted the 8-Track tape system.   How does that work…?!???

Say you have an awesome new talk, and you submit it to a major conference like RSA, but get rejected.   Humiliated, you then submit to BSides, but then are stunned when you get rejected again…!   Most people at that point would simply give up, but we don’t want to see that happen.

So if your amazing talk has been rejected by everyone else, send it to us at Security CSides.   We will accept your talk without scrutiny assuming there is capacity available at our next event.   If our event capacities are exceeded (and we expect they will be), we will simply create Security DSides, ESides, etc.  (hence the brilliance of the 8-track system!).

Update:  We also now accept videographers rejected by BsidesLV!

Dude… you are implying that you have 8 Tracks, when 8-Track systems actually only have 4 audio tracks!

That is true  and we are aware of that, but our determination to accept all talks from anyone willing to speak drives us to be creative and accept all submissions.  If we fill up the first four tracks, we will simply start recording things in mono, which will give us a true 8 track system.   If pushed to expand further, we will simply adopt 16-track technology.

Where will the first CSides event be held?

Our demographics firm investigated this exstensively and determined that the best location (which is fairly obvious) would be Cleveland, OH.  Why Cleveland you may ask…?

What other city has had a river catch fire?  Cleveland also has the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame,  the world’s largest indoor Ferris wheel, and…. the world’s largest rubber stamp.   Besides all of this (no pun intended), Cleveland provides easy access for boaters coming from Lake Erie.

Dates and venue have not yet been announced.

 Special Events:

Unboxing Villiage:   Similar to  the popular “Lockpick Villiages”  at other conferences, we are pioneering the concept of the “Unboxing Village”.

Unboxing 101:  Here you will learn how to properly unbox the new technology that arrives at your doorstep.   No longer will you need to be embarrassed that you may have improperly gained access to new technology.

Intermediate Unboxing:   Here you will learn how to unbox while preserving the packaging material so that the item is still returnable to the vendor.

Advanced Unboxing:  Here you will learn secrets known only by the masters.    Do not enter this area of the Unboxing Village or attempt to perform the techniques demonstrated here unless you have extensive unboxing experience.

Ok, so all this sounds awesome!!!  How much does it cost?

At Security CSides, we want to keep the cost of entry low while encouraging new participation instead of being another “club” for security rock stars.   Please see pricing model below:

$0.00 – If you have never attended a “hacker con” or any other security conference, this is your price of admission.

$10.00 – I have attended less than five vendor sponsored “security conferences” such as RSA, VMWorld, or re:Invent.

$10.00-500.00 – I have attended multiple “real” security conferences.   The price of admission is the number of these conferences multiplied by $10.00.

$500.00+  I am an “InfoSec RockStar”, CISSP, or other dignitary .

The 8-track system of security conferences.